PDFWAC 132H-140-050

Scheduling and reservation practices.

The primary purpose of college property use is to advance the mission of the college. However, college property, when not required for scheduled college purposes, may be available for use by the public in accordance with current fee schedules and other relevant terms and conditions developed and maintained by the vice president of administrative services.
No college property may be used by individuals or groups from outside the college without first executing a written contract, signed by the vice president of administrative services or designee, reserving the property and setting forth the fees, terms, and conditions of use.
In determining whether to accept a request for the use of college property, the administration shall use the college mission statement and the following items, listed in priority order, as guidelines:
(1) Bellevue College scheduled programs, activities, and events.
(2) Foundation related events.
(3) Noncollege (outside individual or organization) events.
Arrangements for use of college property must be made through the office of the vice president of administrative services.
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