PDFWAC 132H-140-065

Limitations and denial of use.

Bellevue College is a state agency and exists to serve the public. However, the college may deny use of its property to any individual, group or organization if the requested use would:
(1) Interfere or conflict with the college's mission including, but not limited to, instruction, student services, support programs, research, or public service programs;
(2) Interfere with the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on campus;
(3) Involve illegal activity or fail to comply with college policies, procedures, contracts, or the Washington Administrative Code;
(4) Create a hazard or result in damage to college property; or
(5) Create undue stress on college resources.
Where college space is used for an authorized function, groups must obey or comply with directions of college officials.
Any individual or group granted permission to use college property shall agree in advance to abide by all college rules and regulations. Use of college property by college personnel, students, college organizations and the general public is also subject to local, state, and federal laws.
The college reserves the right to deny use of college property to any individual or group whose past conduct indicates a likelihood that college rules and regulations will not be obeyed. The college may also deny use to a requesting individual or organization that used college property in the past and caused damage, left college buildings and grounds in excessive disorder, or failed to cooperate with college officials concerning use of the property.
College property may be used for purposes of political campaigning by or for candidates who have filed for public office, if the campaigning is directed to members of the public, and only when the full fee for the property is paid. Use of state funds to pay for or subsidize a political campaign's use of college property is prohibited.
If at any time actual use of college property by an individual or group constitutes an unreasonable disruption of the normal operation of the college, such use shall immediately terminate; all persons engaged in such use shall immediately vacate the premises and leave the college property upon direction of a designated college official.
Advertising or promotional materials for any event being held on or in college property must comply with college policies and procedures.
Use of audio amplifying equipment is permitted only in locations and at times that will not disrupt, or disturb, or interfere with the normal conduct of college affairs including, but not limited to, the use of classrooms, offices, libraries, and laboratories; and previously scheduled college events or activities.
Use of college property for commercial purposes must be preapproved by the vice president of administrative services and comply with WAC 132H-133-050.
Alcoholic beverages will not be served without the approval of the provost or designee. It shall be the responsibility of the event sponsor to obtain all necessary licenses from the Washington state liquor and cannabis board and adhere to their regulations and those of Bellevue College.
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