PDFWAC 132H-160-053

Procedure for implementing tuition and fee waivers authorized pursuant to RCW 28B.15.530.

(1) Tuition and fee waivers for needy or disadvantaged students in any fiscal year, excluding waivers granted for summer quarter enrollments, as authorized by RCW 28B.15.530 may not exceed three percent of any college district's estimated total collections of tuition, operating, and services and activities fees had no such waivers been made, after deducting the portion of that total amount which is attributable to the difference between resident and nonresident tuition and fees.
(2) The estimated total collection of tuition and fees shall be based on the budgeted, state supported, four-quarter annual average enrollment, minus the actual tuition and fees collected for the summer quarter of the year being estimated.
(3) Each district may waive an amount not to exceed three percent of the estimated collections in the event that actual enrollments or collections exceed estimated collections. Conversely, the three percent waiver capacity based upon estimated collections is allowable even though actual collections may not be as high as the estimate.
(4) Districts desiring to exceed their individual three percent waiver capacity may do so only upon written approval from the state director of community colleges or his designee. Additional waiver capacity can only be granted to a district after it has been determined that the total waiver capacity for the community college system is not being utilized as a result of other districts waiving at levels less than the three percent capacity.
(5) There is no percentage limitation on the amount of tuition and fee waivers granted for summer quarter enrollments provided that recipients of such waivers qualify as needy, resident students.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 78-09-020 (Order 60, Resolution No. 115), § 132H-160-053, filed 8/10/78.]