PDFWAC 132Y-136-101

Scheduling office—Duties of the scheduling coordinator.

(1) The scheduling office is responsible for coordinating all arrangements relative to meetings, conferences, workshops, social functions and other events involving the use of campus facilities. Advance scheduling as far ahead as a full year is strongly recommended.
(2) Any organization, club or individual with an outstanding balance due the college will not be allowed to schedule until all bills are paid.
(3) In planning various group functions, requests for the following items should be directed to the scheduling office.
(a) Campus maps.
(b) Special arrangement of furniture, podiums, and other equipment, construction of special platforms.
(c) Audio-visual equipment such as movie projectors, tape recorders, public address systems, etc.
(d) Parking permits.
(4) Any division or college organization may obtain use of college facilities by filing with the scheduling office a request for the use of college facilities at least seven days before the event; provided, however, the time requirement shall be waived whenever reasonable cause is shown.
(5) Scheduling requests shall include the following information:
(a) The name of the organization or organizations sponsoring the program.
(b) The name of the speaker and the general topic of address and/or program.
(c) The number of persons expected to attend.
(d) Any special facilities or equipment required for the presentation of the program.
(e) The organization's preferences, if any, for specific facilities.
(6) Upon receiving such information the scheduling office shall within 48 hours assign in writing an appropriate room or space, if available, for the meeting and shall assist the sponsoring organization or organizations in arranging for the special equipment that may be required. In assigning space the scheduling office shall consider the size of the facility required, other events scheduled by prior request, and the preferences of the requesting organization, unless the scheduling office deems the requested facilities to be inappropriate for the proposed use, otherwise unavailable. The scheduling office shall consider all facilities, and after consultation with the office authorized to schedule space in the particular facility, may assign any appropriate facility in the college for speakers or programs.
(7) Individual students, faculty members, and staff may form ad hoc organizations for the express purpose of inviting a particular speaker or program to address them and others on a specific occasion by filing with the scheduling office a statement of intention and sponsorship. The statement of intention and sponsorship shall be signed by at least three students, faculty members, or staff members and shall state the name of the speaker, the subject of his talk, and the purpose of the sponsors in inviting him. The statement shall also contain a certificate signed by the three sponsors stating that they are acting as individuals and not on behalf of any division or organization. The statement of intention and sponsorship shall be accompanied, when required, by payment in advance of the fee for use of the facility. Each signator is individually liable for any damages, costs, or charges incurred as a result of the scheduled event.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(7). WSR 82-04-018 (Resolution No. 82-1-4), § 132Y-136-101, filed 1/26/82.]