PDFWAC 132Y-136-501

Library materials and audio-visual equipment—Loans.

(1) The Edmonds Community College library-media center (LMC) loans library materials and audio-visual equipment to various users. It does not rent or lease audio-visual equipment to organizations and individuals except as part of a facility rental agreement. The users include and are limited to:
(a) Currently registered students of Edmonds Community College. For audio-visual equipment loans students need an instructor's authorization.
(b) Current academic staff, classified staff, administrative staff, and members of the board of trustees.
(c) Students and staff from institutions that contract with Edmonds Community College for services and facilities. Students from these institutions must have an instructor's authorization before checking out equipment.
(d) Holders of currently valid community courtesy cards. This group includes community residents of District XXIII as well as other individuals who show a particular need for specialized items in the LMC collections which are unavailable elsewhere. Holders of community courtesy cards may not check out equipment, and must be at least sophomores in high school. There is no charge for courtesy cards.
(e) Students from other institutions with which the Edmonds Community College LMC has a reciprocal lending agreement. This group may not borrow equipment.
(f) Other libraries and organizations through the interlibrary loan process. Equipment is not loaned to other libraries or organizations unless the LMC has a reciprocal lending agreement.
(2) All borrowers are subject to certain loan periods, and to such restrictions as apply to reference books, reserve materials, and audio-visual items and equipment. Each borrower must present proper identification before checking out LMC resources.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(7). WSR 82-04-018 (Resolution No. 82-1-4), § 132Y-136-501, filed 1/26/82.]