PDFWAC 182-556-0200

Chiropractic services for children.

(1) The medicaid agency pays only for chiropractic services:
(a) For clients who are:
(i) Under age twenty-one; and
(ii) Referred by a screening provider under the healthy kids/early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (EPSDT) program.
(b) That are:
(i) Medically necessary under WAC 182-500-0070, safe, effective, and not experimental;
(ii) Provided by a chiropractor licensed in the state where services are provided; and
(iii) Within the scope of the chiropractor's license.
(c) Limited to:
(i) Chiropractic manipulative treatments of the spine; and
(ii) X-rays of the spine.
(2) Chiropractic services are paid according to fees established by the agency using methodology set out in WAC 182-531-1850.
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