PDFWAC 220-111-004

Requests to inspect rule-making files.

(1) Any person wishing to inspect rule-making files of the department must contact the agency rules coordinator by letter or email to the office or email address set forth in WAC 220-111-002(2). The written request must be addressed and sent to the department's rules coordinator and include the following information:
(a) Name of the requestor;
(b) Contact information, including telephone number and email address, if the requestor has one; and
(c) Identification of the rule-making files sought, in a form or description that is sufficient for the department's rules coordinator to identify and locate the requested file. If a request for inspection of a rule-making file is unclear, the rules coordinator may request clarification.
(2) If the requestor wishes to have copies of the records made, whether hard copy or electronic, instead of inspecting them, the requestor must submit a request for public records pursuant to the Public Records Act, chapters 42.56 RCW and 220-120 WAC. A public records request form is available to requestors at the office of the public records officer and at the department's website at http://wdfw.wa.gov.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.17.060, 34.05.220, and 77.04.080. WSR 20-19-027 (Order 20-179), § 220-111-004, filed 9/8/20, effective 10/9/20.]