PDFWAC 220-200-170

Special use permits.

(1) A special use permit issued by the department sets forth terms and conditions determined by the director to allow for reasonable accommodations for persons granted disability designation.
(2) The following terms and conditions apply to all special use permits:
(a) A special use permit(s) must be carried on the person named on the permit, who is acting under or using devices authorized by the special use permit(s);
(b) A special use permit holder must, upon request, surrender the permit(s) for inspection to any authorized law enforcement officer or department employee; and
(c) A special use permit holder must deny use of the permit to any other person.
(3) The terms and conditions of a special use permit supersede department rules that conflict with the terms and conditions of the special use permit.
(4) When utilizing a special use permit, the person named on the permit must comply with all applicable statutes and rules other than those department rules specifically superseded by the special use permit.
(5) It is unlawful to fail to abide by the terms and conditions of a special use permit. Violation of this subsection is punishable under RCW 77.15.160(6), 77.15.230, or 77.15.750, or other statutes under chapter 77.15 RCW depending on the circumstances of the violation.
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