PDFWAC 220-305-110

Possession of personal-use food fish and shellfish.

(1) The personal-use possession limit of food fish shall include all fresh, frozen, canned and other processed fish in the immediate possession of an individual while in the field or in transit, together with fish held by a custom canner or processor, and fish consigned for processing, preserving, storing, or transporting to a place other than where such food fish were taken.
(2) It shall be unlawful for any custom canner, or any person operating as a canner or processor of personal-use catches of food fish to accept, process or hold in the name of an individual more than his lawful possession limit.
(3) Custom canners or processors of personal-use food fish or shellfish, resort operators and others who hold fish on their premises for sport fishermen, shall maintain accurate written accounts of such fish. These records shall be made available for inspection by the department of fisheries, and shall contain the name, signature and permanent address of the taker, the date and area of catch; the number, weight, species and date submitted for processing or holding and the final quantities processed by numbers of units.
(4) It shall be unlawful for any commercial fish dealer, cold storage plant operator, restaurant or hotel to store or have in possession any food fish or shellfish taken by any person for personal use, unless it is identified by tags attached bearing the names and addresses of the persons taking such food fish or shellfish.
(5) It shall be unlawful for any person taking food fish or shellfish for personal use to intermingle his catch or part of his catch with that of any duly licensed person taking food fish or shellfish for commercial purposes except for commercially caught fish retained for personal use as provided for in WAC 220-354-030 and 220-353-110.
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