PDFWAC 220-310-070

Statewide bait rules.

(1) It is unlawful to fish for sturgeon except with bait.
(2) It is unlawful to use lamprey as fishing bait, regardless of the source or species of lamprey.
(3) It is acceptable to use bait in saltwater.
(4) It is unlawful to chum, broadcast, feed, or distribute into freshwater any bait or other substance capable of attracting fish unless specifically authorized in exceptions to statewide rules.
(5) When fishing for trout with bait, all trout and kokanee that are lawful to possess and are equal to or greater than the minimum size are counted as part of the daily limit, whether kept or released, and it is unlawful to continue to fish once the daily limit has been achieved, except that steelhead trout may be caught and released until the daily limit is taken.
(6) It is unlawful to possess or use live aquatic animals as bait in fresh water except:
(a) Live aquatic animals (other than fish) collected from the water being fished may be possessed or used as bait.
(b) Live sand shrimp may be possessed or used as bait.
(c) Live forage fish may be possessed or used as bait in the Columbia River downstream of a line projected from Rocky Point on the Washington bank through Red Buoy 44 to the navigation light at Tongue Point on the Oregon bank.
(7) Use of bait in violation of this section is an infraction, punishable under RCW 77.15.160.
(8) It is unlawful to possess fish taken with bait in violation of the provisions of this section. Possession of fish while using bait in violation of the provisions of this section is a rebuttable presumption that the fish were taken with such bait. Violation of this subsection is punishable under RCW 77.15.380 Unlawful recreational fishing in the second degreePenalty, unless the fish are taken in the amounts or manner to constitute a violation of RCW 77.15.370 Unlawful recreational fishing in the first degreePenaltyCriminal wildlife penalty assessment.
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