PDFWAC 220-370-070

Aquatic farm registration formRequired information.

If asked by an aquatic farmer, the department will prepare, print, and distribute an aquatic farm registration form. The following information must be provided by the aquatic farmer:
(1) The name, mailing address, and telephone number of the individual or company that owns or leases the aquatic farm;
(2) The name and telephone number of a contact person immediately responsible for operation of the aquatic farm;
(3) The department of health (DOH) shellfish certification number if DSHS requires a certification number;
(4) The common name of aquatic species being cultured;
(5) The method(s) of culture the aquatic farmer is using on the farm;
(6) If it is a freshwater or onshore aquatic farm, the legal description, street address, county, aquaculture district, and the number of separate tracts or facilities within the district that comprise the aquatic farm(s);
(7) If it is a marine aquatic farm, the name of bay or inlet, county, and aquaculture district for the farm(s);
(8) The signature of the company official or owner;
(9) A site drawing of the aquatic farm and a brief narrative description of the facility and its operation. Freshwater farms must also identify the source of culture water, where the water is discharged, and the watershed where the facility is located;
(10) Documentation of ownership or present right of possession of the land comprising the aquatic farm.
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