PDFWAC 220-370-170

Description of aquatic farm production report.

(1) There is hereby created an aquaculture production report form to be prepared, printed and distributed on request by the department. The aquatic farmer shall provide the following information:
(a) Firm name: Name of aquaculture firm and telephone number.
(b) Firm address: Address of aquaculture firm.
(c) Aquatic farm numbers: Department assigned aquatic farm registration number and location number.
(d) Species: Common name of species grown at aquatic farm site.
(e) Quantity harvested for sale: Quantity, in production units, of each species harvested for sale. The production may be shown in pounds, dozens, gallons, bushels or bags.
(f) Unit value: Value per production unit.
(g) Signature: Signature of firm executive or authorized representative and date signed.
(2) The aquaculture production report shall be used for reporting of aquaculture production as specified in WAC 220-370-160.
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