PDFWAC 220-370-190

Finfish aquaculture disease control.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to import into or transport within the state of Washington finfish aquaculture products without first having obtained a permit to do so issued by the department. A copy of the transport permit shall accompany the finfish aquaculture products at all times within the state of Washington, and must be presented upon request to authorized department employees.
(2) The director may impose conditions on a transport permit as necessary to ensure the protection of aquaculture products and native finfish from disease when the director concludes that there is a reasonable risk of disease transmission associated with the finfish aquaculture products.
(3) Upon the initial detection of a regulated pathogen, the department's fish health unit must be notified by the end of the following working day after diagnosis is made. The department will confirm or deny the presence of the regulated pathogen. Pending confirmation the department may take action under WAC 220-370-240 (1)(a) or (b).
(4) The director will issue, upon request, copies of the rules and policies dealing with finfish disease control.
(5) The director will issue or deny a transport permit within thirty days after a completed application containing all requested information is received by the department's fish health unit.
(6) Violation of these rules or the conditions of the transport permit may result in the suspension or revocation of the permit.
(7) In the event of denial, suspension, or revocation of a transport permit, the affected person may appeal the decision to the director. The department will advise the person of the appeals process. Additional appeals may be made through the Administrative Procedure Act (chapter 34.04 RCW). A suspended or revoked transport permit will remain suspended or revoked during the appellate process.
(8) Any person desiring to conduct in vivo research using a regulated finfish pathogen is required to first obtain permission in writing from the department prior to beginning the research.
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