PDFWAC 220-413-020

Tagging requirements.

(1) It is unlawful for a person who kills a big game animal or turkey to fail to immediately validate their tag (unless the tagging requirement is specifically exempted by the fish and wildlife commission). There are two methods of tagging big game animals and turkey, paper tagging and electronic tagging.
(a) A paper tag is validated by cutting out and completely removing the designated notches corresponding to the day and month of the kill for that species and immediately attaching the notched tag to the carcass of the big game animal or turkey.
(b) An electronic tag is validated by following the prompts in the authorized mobile application and writing the confirmation number and date of harvest in ink on material that can withstand the elements and immediately attaching that to the carcass of the big game animal or turkey.
(2) The tag must remain attached to the carcass while it is being transported and must remain with the wildlife during the period of retention of the edible parts.
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