PDFWAC 220-413-090

Field identification of wildlifeEvidence of sexDefinitions.

(1) It is unlawful to possess or transport game birds without a feathered wing or head attached to each carcass until the carcass is processed and/or stored for consumption, except:
(a) Falconry-caught birds; which do not require evidence of sex.
(b) Canada and cackling geese harvested in Goose Management Area 2 - Coast and Inland: Where the fully feathered head must be left attached for subspecies determination.
(c) Turkeys: Where the fully feathered head and the beard, if present at harvest, must be left attached.
(2) It is unlawful to possess or transport big game animals unless evidence of the sex of the animal remains naturally attached to the carcass until the carcass is processed and/or stored for consumption.
(a) Evidence of sex means the head with antlers or horns attached or penis or testes of male big game animals or the head or udder of female big game animals any of which must be naturally attached to at least one quarter of the carcass or to the largest portion of meat.
(b) For the purpose of this rule, "stored for consumption" means at the final point of storage prior to consumption of the meat.
(3) It is unlawful to possess or transport goat, sheep, moose, deer or elk taken in hunting areas which have horn or antler restrictions unless the head or skull plate, with both horns or both antlers naturally attached, accompanies the carcass.
(4) The possession of a taxidermist's receipt which includes the taxidermist's name, address, and telephone number, the hunter's name, address, telephone number, license, and tag number, the species and sex of the game bird or big game animal taken, as well as antler points or horn size and the date and GMU location or special deer/elk permit area where taken, shall be deemed to constitute compliance with this section.
For the purpose of this rule "accompanies the carcass" means to remain with the carcass until it has reached the point of processing or storage.
(5) It is lawful for persons who have complied with the department of fish and wildlife's chronic wasting disease sampling program to possess deer and elk without proof of sex under the following provisions:
(a) The head of the deer or elk must have been surrendered to an authorized department collection site.
(b) The hunter is in possession of an official department disease testing program identification card, completely filled out and signed and dated by a department employee or authorized agent.
(c) The carcass of the deer or elk is transported directly from where the head has been surrendered to the point of processing or storage.
(6) Failure to comply with this section constitutes unlawful possession of game animals and is punishable under RCW 77.15.410.
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