PDFWAC 286-04-070

Director's authority.

(1) Consistent with RCW 79A.25.020, and other applicable laws, the director is delegated the authority and responsibility to carry out policies and administrative functions of the board. This includes, but is not limited to the authority to:
(a) Supervise the administrative operations of the board, office, and their staff (RCW 79A.25.020(1));
(b) Administer recreation and conservation grant-in-aid programs and contracts, and provide technical assistance to state and local agencies (RCW 79A.25.020(2));
(c) Prepare and update a strategic plan for the acquisition, renovation, and development of recreational resources and the preservation and conservation of open space (RCW 79A.25.020(3));
(d) Represent and promote the interests of the state on recreational issues and further the mission of the board and office (RCW 79A.25.020(4));
(e) Upon approval of the board, enter into contracts and agreements with private nonprofit corporations to further state goals of preserving, conserving, and enhancing recreational resources and open space for the public benefit and use (RCW 79A.25.020(5));
(f) Appoint such technical and other committees as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of chapter 79A.25 RCW (RCW 79A.25.020(6));
(g) Create and maintain a repository for data, studies, research, and other information relating to recreation and conservation resources in the state, and to encourage the interchange of such information (RCW 79A.25.020(7));
(h) Encourage and provide opportunities for interagency and regional coordination and cooperative efforts between public agencies and between public and private entities involved in the development and preservation of recreational and conservation resources (RCW 79A.25.020(8));
(i) Prepare the state trails plan, as required by RCW 79A.35.040 (RCW 79A.25.020(9));
(j) Administer all applicable rules, regulations and requirements established by the board or reflected in the laws of the state;
(k) Approve certain cost increases or waiver requests as determined by board policy; and
(l) Approve the format for receiving grant applications.
(2) The director may waive the board's administrative rules or policies only after the board has delegated such authority at one of its public meetings.
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