PDFWAC 286-04-085

Petitions for declaratory order of a rule, order, or statute.

(1) Any person may submit a petition for a declaratory order in accordance with RCW 34.05.240 in any form so long as it:
(a) Clearly states the question the declaratory order is to answer; and
(b) Provides a statement of the facts which raise the question.
(2) The director may conduct an independent investigation in order to fully develop the relevant facts.
(3) The director will present the petition to the board at the first meeting when it is practical to do so and will provide the petitioner with at least five days notice of the time and place of such meeting. Such notice may be waived by the petitioner.
(4) The petitioner may present additional material and/or argument at any time prior to the issuance of the declaratory order.
(5) The board may decide that a public hearing would assist its deliberations and decisions. If such a hearing is ordered, it will be placed on the agenda of a meeting and at least five days notice of such meeting shall be provided to the petitioner.
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