PDFWAC 286-30-040

Development projects—Conversion to other uses.

(1) A facility developed with money granted by the board shall not be converted to a use other than that for which funds were originally approved.
(2) If a conversion occurs less than ten years after the office's final reimbursement, the board shall approve such a conversion under the following conditions:
(a) All practical alternatives to the conversion have been evaluated and rejected on a sound basis;
(b) The sponsor pays back the entire grant amount to the firearms range account; and
(c) The sponsor shall comply with other board adopted policies as applicable.
(3) This section does not apply to development projects ten or more years after the office's final reimbursement.
[Statutory Authority: 2007 c 241 § 39, RCW 34.05.220, 34.05.230, 42.56.040, and 79A.25.210. WSR 14-09-074, § 286-30-040, filed 4/18/14, effective 5/19/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.98A.060(1), [43.98A].070(5), 43.99.080, 46.09.240 and 77.12.720. WSR 94-17-095, § 286-30-040, filed 8/17/94, effective 9/17/94.]