PDFWAC 342-10-120

Review of denials of public records request.

(1) Any person who objects to the denial of a request for and/or a deletion from a requested public record may petition within thirty days from the communication thereof for a prompt review of such denial or deletion decision by tendering a written request for review to the commission's public records officer. The written request for review shall:
(a) Specifically refer to the written statement by the public records officer or other staff member which constituted or accompanied the denial;
(b) Set forth the grounds for the objection.
(2) Immediately upon receiving a written request for review of a decision denying a public record and/or deletion therefrom, the public records officer shall refer such request to the chairman of the commission.
(3) Upon referral to the commission's chairman, the chairman shall immediately review the matter and may either affirm or reverse such denial and/or deletion, or shall call a special meeting of the commission's executive committee as soon as legally possible to review the denial.
(4) In any case, the request for review shall be returned by the chairman with a final written decision within two business days following the original denial.
(5) Administrative remedies shall not be considered exhausted until the commission's chairman has returned the request for review with a decision to the objecting person, or until the close of the second business day following the denial of inspection, whichever occurs first.
[Order 1-76, § 342-10-120, filed 4/22/76.]