PDFWAC 342-10-170

Oceanographic commission—Officers and executive committee—Terms.

(1) The executive committee of the commission shall consist of a chairman, vice chairman, one other member of the commission, all of whom shall be elected by a majority vote of the commission. The fourth member of the executive committee shall be the immediate past chairman.
(a) The members of the executive committee shall hold office from July through June and until their successors be elected and qualified.
(b) Elections of such members shall be conducted in the first meeting held after July 1 of each year.
(c) Vacancies in the executive committee arising from any cause shall be filled at any regular or special meeting of the commission.
(2) The commission's permanent staff shall consist of an executive secretary and other persons, all of whom shall be appointed by the commission as may be necessary to carry out its powers and duties.
(a) The commission shall fix the salaries of each member of the permanent staff, such compensation being subject to the state budget and accounting system.
(b) The executive secretary shall serve at the pleasure of the commission as the executive officer of the commission.
[Order 1-76, § 342-10-170, filed 4/22/76.]