PDFWAC 342-10-180

Oceanographic commission—Duties of office.

(1) The chairman shall:
(a) Preside at all public meetings and executive sessions of the commission, and at all meetings of the executive committee;
(b) Endorse all resolutions, contracts and instruments on behalf of the commission as authorized by the commission, except where such power is delegated by these rules to the executive secretary;
(c) Perform all such other duties as are incident to his or her office or as are properly required of him or her by the commission.
(2) The vice chairman shall:
(a) Exercise all of the functions of the chairman during the absence or disability of the chairman;
(b) Have such powers and discharge such duties as may be assigned to him or her from time to time by the commission.
(3) The executive committee shall:
(a) Take emergency administrative action in the name of the commission when time precludes deliberations by the commission in full assembly;
(b) Interview and recommend to the commission appointments of personnel to the permanent staff of the commission;
(c) Approve all out-of-state travel and that travel requiring the extended absence of any member of the commission and its staff;
(d) Schedule commission meetings;
(e) Perform such other and further duties as are properly required of them by the commission.
(4) The executive secretary, as chief executive officer of the commission, and with the commission's approval, shall:
(a) Employ such persons and incur such expenditures as are necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes for which the commission has been formed;
(b) Ensure an accurate record of all meetings be maintained in the form of meeting minutes, and maintain a record of all motions and resolutions adopted by the commission which may be so recorded in the form of meeting minutes;
(c) Supervise the maintenance and safekeeping of the commission's books and records;
(d) Publish, at the [discretion] [direction] of the executive committee, all notices of meetings to be held and prepare an agenda for each such meeting, subject to the approval of the commission chairman;
(e) Perform such other and further duties as are incident to his or her office and as are properly required of him by the commission and its executive committee.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.94.040. WSR 81-12-049 (Order 1-81), § 342-10-180, filed 6/3/81; Order 1-76, § 342-10-180, filed 4/22/76.]
Reviser's note: RCW 34.05.395 requires the use of underlining and deletion marks to indicate amendments to existing rules, and deems ineffectual changes not filed by the agency in this manner. The bracketed material in the above section does not appear to conform to the statutory requirement.