PDFWAC 342-10-190


(1) Regular commission meetings shall be scheduled by the executive committee which shall fix the location, date and time of each such meeting. At least four regular meetings must be conducted each year.
(2) Special meetings may be called for at any time either by the chairman or a majority of the commission members.
(3) Executive sessions of the commission may be called by the chairman or by any five members of the commission requesting such from the chairman or the executive secretary.
(4) All commission meetings shall be in conformance with chapter 42.30 RCW, the Open Public Meetings Act.
(5) The presence of any two members of the executive committee shall constitute a quorum of the committee, and of any six members of the commission shall constitute a quorum of the commission.
(6) All commission records of proceedings shall be maintained as minutes of the meetings, duly recorded, and shall be maintained as public records at the commission's field office.
(7) Written notice for all meetings shall be given by the executive secretary to each commission member and such other persons as may be required by RCW 42.30.080, and such notices:
(a) Shall be delivered personally or by posting in the United States mails addressed to such person's address most recently furnished to the executive secretary.
(b) Shall be delivered to the addressee at least twenty-four hours before the time of such meeting as specified in the notice.
(c) Shall specify the time and place of the meeting and the business to be transacted.
(d) May be dispensed with as to any commission member who is actually present at the meeting at the time it convenes, or as to any member who, at or prior to the time the meeting convenes, files with the executive secretary a written waiver of notice.
(e) Place of meetings shall be determined by the executive committee.
(8) The agenda for each meeting shall be furnished to each commission member in the same manner as prescribed for meeting notices in WAC 342-10-190(7).
[Order 1-76, § 342-10-190, filed 4/22/76.]