PDFWAC 358-30-190


(1) All notices, documents and other papers filed with the board, after the initial filing of the appeal, shall be served upon each of the parties and the hearings examiner to whom the appeal is assigned, if any, all within the time stated. Service shall be made personally, or, except as provided in WAC 358-30-070(1), by first class mail.
(2) Service upon parties shall be regarded as complete when personal service has been accomplished; or by mail three days after deposit in the United States mail properly stamped and addressed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.64.060 and 34.05.220 [(1)](a). WSR 95-07-074, § 358-30-190, filed 3/15/95, effective 4/15/95. Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.64 RCW. WSR 82-01-053 (Order 81-4), § 358-30-190, filed 12/16/81.]