PDFWAC 417-02-140

Review of denials of public records requests.

(1) Any person who objects to the denial of a request for a public record may petition the commission chair for prompt review of such decisions by rendering a written request for review. The written request shall specifically refer to the written statement by the public records officer or designated assistant, which constituted or accompanied the denial.
(2) Immediately after receiving a written request or review of a decision denying a public record, the public records officer or designated assistant denying the request shall refer it to the commission chair. The chair shall immediately consider the matter and either affirm or reverse, in whole or in part, such denial or call a special meeting of the commission as soon as legally possible to review the denial. In any case, the request shall be returned with a final decision from the chair or commission within two business days following the original denial, in accordance with RCW 42.56.520.
(3) Administrative remedies shall not be considered exhausted until the chair, or in the event of a special meeting scheduled to address the denial, the commission has returned the petition with a decision within two business days of the denial, or until the close of the second business day following the denial, whichever occurs first.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 44.05.080(2). WSR 11-15-010, § 417-02-140, filed 7/7/11, effective 8/7/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 44.05.080(1). WSR 01-17-078, § 417-02-140, filed 8/16/01, effective 9/4/01.]