PDFWAC 417-02-145

Protection of public records.

(1) Records are available for inspection and copying at the location and during office hours identified in this chapter and WAC 417-01-125(1). Such inspection and copying may occur only in the presence of an authorized staff person of the commission and with the aid and assistance of such staff person.
(2) The viewing of those records that require specialized equipment shall be limited to the availability of that equipment located at the commission office and the availability of authorized staff to operate the equipment.
(3) The viewing of those public records that require specialized equipment shall be by appointment only. The request for an appointment shall be made on the request for public records form or other written format as provided in this chapter. Staff shall acknowledge such request for an appointment within three working days of the receipt of such request and will provide the requester with the date(s) that such an appointment could be kept by an authorized staff person or shall advise the requester that authorized staff is not available to operate the equipment for the purposes requested, giving the reasons therefor. If a request for a viewing appointment is submitted simultaneously with a request for the record, staff shall acknowledge the requests within five working days, unless staff advises the requesting party in writing that additional time is necessary to respond and to make an appointment with the requester.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 44.05.080(1). WSR 01-17-078, § 417-02-145, filed 8/16/01, effective 9/4/01.]