PDFWAC 417-06-130

Format for formal or partial third-party plans.

(1) Any third-party plan submitted to the commission shall be submitted electronically in the following formats:
(a) A text file format containing polygon identification and polygon district assignment columns; or
(b) A shape file or geodatabase; or
(c) A submission from the MyDistricting tool on the website.
(2) Instructions to users for submission of formal or partial third-party plans, of descriptions of a community of interest, or of a third-party amendment shall be posted on the commission website (www.redistricting.wa.gov), and made available free of charge from the commission.
(3) The commission shall post census and geographic data on the commission website (www.redistricting.wa.gov).
(4) A formal or partial third-party plan submission shall be based upon current and official Census Bureau geography and Public Law 94-171 file unique block identity code of state, county, tract, and block.
(5) Individuals and groups submitting formal or partial third-party plans shall supplement their submissions with the following information: Name, address, and email address (if available) of a contact person; a narrative explanation of the plan's conformity with the constitutional and statutory requirements identified in WAC 417-06-120; and a description of the original source materials and data used for the submission. They may also include with the formal or partial third-party plan such other supporting materials and data as they deem appropriate.
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