PDFWAC 430-01-110

Closing and compliance of public records requests.

(1) Closing requests. The request is deemed closed once the requested records or last installment of the request has been provided with the requestor expressly or impliedly acknowledging receipt without further follow-up communication being made. The public records officer or designee will communicate with the requestor indicating that WSSDA has completed a reasonable search for the requested records and made any located nonexempt records available for inspection or disclosure.
(2) Closing withdrawn or abandoned requests. The public records officer or designee will close a request and indicate to the requestor that WSSDA has closed the request:
(a) When the requestor withdraws the request;
(b) When the requestor fails to clarify a request within 30 days after being asked to clarify the information the requestor is seeking;
(c) When the requestor fails to comply with WSSDA's guidelines for inspecting public records;
(d) When the requestor fails to pay any copying or other charges; or
(e) When the requestor fails to claim or inspect an installment within 30 days after the public records officer or designee provides notice of the installment's availability.
(3) Records retention. Once closed, the records of the public records request is retained and the originals of any records assembled in response to the request refiled. Any duplicate copies of records may be destroyed in accordance with the records retention schedule.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 42.56 RCW. WSR 23-17-044, § 430-01-110, filed 8/9/23, effective 9/9/23. Statutory Authority: Chapters 28A.345 and 42.56 RCW. WSR 18-09-072, § 430-01-110, filed 4/16/18, effective 5/17/18.]