PDFWAC 468-15-030

Public notice required by department establishing small works roster.

The department will at a minimum once per year provide a public notice to the contracting community encouraging contractors to submit applications for inclusion on the small works roster. Such notice may be mailed directly to trade associations or to individual contractors, by publishing the notice in one trade publication of general circulation within the state, a minimum once per week for two weeks, preceding the date for establishment of the small works roster, or by any method reasonably calculated to assure that all contractors in the state of Washington are aware of the opportunity to be included on the small works roster. The notice shall include the address and phone number, of the department's contract ad and award office from which to request the required questionnaire form for application and approval to be placed on the small works roster.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.01.101, 39.04.155. WSR 03-03-012, § 468-15-030, filed 1/7/03, effective 2/7/03.]