PDFWAC 468-34-130


(1) Utility installations should be located to minimize need for later adjustment to accommodate future highway improvements and to permit access for servicing such lines with minimum interference to highway traffic and must be located in accordance with the control zone guidelines.
(2) Longitudinal installations should be located on a uniform alignment and grade as near as practicable to the right of way line so as to provide a safe environment for traffic operation and preserve space for future highway improvements or other utility installations.
(3) Utility line crossings of the highway shall be normal to the highway center line to the extent feasible and practical. Crossings should be made on a true line and grade. Crossings entering the right of way at an angle greater than forty-five degrees from normal shall be considered longitudinal location except crossings within public road intersections.
(4) The horizontal location shall be placed with relation to the centerline of the highway as approved by the department.
(5) The vertical location of underground utility lines shall be in accordance with the currently applicable design standard for underground utility encroachments. The vertical clearance of above ground facilities shall be consistent with the clearances as provided in WAC 468-34-290.
(6) In all cases, full consideration shall be given to visual quality, sound engineering principles, and overall economic aspects.
(7) Utility installations that are needed for a highway purpose, such as for continuous highway lighting or to serve a weigh station, rest or recreational area, are to be located and designed in accordance with the requirements of this policy.
(8) The department may restrict the number of utility service connections, and require the placement of one or more distribution lines in lieu thereof.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.44 RCW. WSR 89-05-022 (Order 119), § 468-34-130, filed 2/10/89. Statutory Authority: 1977 ex.s. c 151. WSR 79-01-033 (DOT Order 10 and Comm. Order 1, Resolution No. 13), § 468-34-130, filed 12/20/78. Formerly WAC 252-04-095.]