PDFWAC 468-95-29009

Traffic control devices for low-volume roads—Vehicular traffic and nonvehicular signs.

Change the first Guidance of MUTCD Section 5C.09, Vehicular Traffic and Nonvehicular Signs (W11 Series and W8-6), to become an Option and amend to read:
Vehicular Traffic signs (see Figure 5C-2) may be used to alert road users to frequent unexpected entries into the roadway by trucks, bicyclists, farm vehicles, fire trucks, and other vehicles. Such signs may be used only at locations where the road user's sight distance is restricted or the activity would be unexpected.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW and RCW 46.36.030 [RCW 47.36.030]. WSR 05-23-003, § 468-95-29009, filed 11/3/05, effective 12/4/05.]