PDFWAC 468-95-325

In-street signs in school areas.

Delete signs R1-6 and R1-6b from MUTCD Figure 7B-6 and amend the first Option of MUTCD Section 7B.08 to read:
A 12 inch reduced size in-street School Advance Warning (S1-1) sign (see Figure 7B-4), installed in compliance with the mounting height and breakaway requirements for In-Street Pedestrian Crossing (R1-6a) signs (see Section 2B.12), may be used in advance of a school crossing to supplement the ground-mounted school warning signs. A 12 inch x 6 inch reduced size ahead (W16-9p) plaque may be mounted below the reduced size in-street School Advance Warning (S1-1) sign.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.36.030. WSR 11-23-101, § 468-95-325, filed 11/18/11, effective 12/19/11. Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW and RCW 46.36.030 [RCW 47.36.030]. WSR 05-23-003, § 468-95-325, filed 11/3/05, effective 12/4/05.]