PDFWAC 468-600-250

Contents and format of detailed proposals.

If the preliminary conceptual proposal is accepted, the commission or the department may request a detailed proposal. A detailed proposal shall include all information required in the conceptual proposal under WAC 468-600-240, with additional discussion, description and details, and with updates and refinements as necessary to keep the document most current. In addition, the following information must be included, unless waived by the department:
(1) TAB 2: Project characteristics.
(a) Provide a detailed description of the eligible project or projects, including all proposed interconnections with other existing transportation facilities or known publicly identified projects. Describe the project in sufficient detail so the type and intent of the project, the general location of the project, and the communities that may be affected by the project are clearly identified. Describe the assumptions used in developing the project.
(b) Identify any significant local, state or federal services or practical assistance that the proposer contemplates requesting for the project. In particular, identify and describe any significant services that will need to be performed by the department such as right of way acquisition or operation and maintenance of the completed project.
(c) Include a preliminary list of all significant federal, state, regional and local permits and approvals required for the project. Identify which, if any, permits or approvals are planned to be obtained by the department.
(d) List the critical factors for the project's success.
(e) Identify the proposed preliminary schedule for implementation of the project.
(f) Describe the assumptions related to ownership, law enforcement and operation of the project and any facility that is part of the project.
(g) Describe the payment and performance bonds, guarantees, letters of credit and other performance security, if any, that the proposer will provide for the project.
(h) Identify any public improvements that will be part of the proposed project that will constitute "public works" under RCW 47.29.020(5), the workers on which must be paid in accordance with Washington's prevailing rate of wage law, chapter 39.12 RCW, and any public improvements the workers on which must be paid in accordance with the federal Davis-Bacon Act, 40 U.S.C. sections 3141 to 3148.
(2) TAB 3: Project financing.
(a) Identify the form and amount of any private capital contribution and the entities that will make such capital contributions. If other forms of contribution are proposed, describe the nature of the contributions, the fair market value (if applicable), and whether compensation for such contributions will be sought.
(b) If the proposal would provide for a state-granted franchise to a private concessionaire in exchange for financial consideration, provide the proposer's financial model and all capital costs, operating and maintenance costs (including reconstruction, resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation costs), revenues and other data and assumptions that comprise the base case financial model.
(c) Provide an explanation of how funds for the project will be segregated, accounted for and expended in a manner that ensures that any moneys protected under Article II, section 40 of the Washington Constitution be expended exclusively for the purposes authorized under that provision.
(d) Identify, to the extent possible, proposed financing team members, including banks, investment banks, equity investors, credit enhancement providers, bond trustees and legal counsel to the same.
(3) TAB 5: Special deliverables.
(a) Provide a statement setting out the plan for securing all necessary real property, including proposed timeline for any necessary acquisitions.
(b) Provide proposed design, construction and completion guarantees and warranties.
(c) Include traffic studies and/or forecasts and related materials that establish project revenue assumptions, including, if any, user fees or toll rates, and usage of the facility.
(d) Provide such additional material and information as the department may reasonably request.
(4) All pages of a proposal shall be numbered. Each copy of the proposal shall be bound or otherwise contained in a single volume where practicable. All documentation submitted with the proposal will be contained in that single volume.
(5) A proposal submitted by a private sector partner must be signed by an authorized representative of the private sector partner submitting the proposal.
(6) The proposer shall clearly mark any proprietary information included in the proposal which the proposer considers protected trade secrets or other information exempted from disclosure under RCW 47.29.190 and WAC 468-600-605. Any individual page containing material that the proposer considers proprietary must be stamped "proprietary."
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.29.030. WSR 07-04-095, § 468-600-250, filed 2/6/07, effective 3/9/07.]