PDFWAC 468-600-350

Evaluation panel recommendation to commission.

(1) After reviewing the proposals and hearing presentations from proposers, the evaluation panel will prepare a written determination, based on facts and circumstances presented in the proposals and the presentations, that one or more proposals merit selection and advancement into a contract negotiation phase or to contract execution. In its written determination regarding any proposal, the evaluation panel may specify conditions that it recommends the proposer be required to satisfy before proceeding to contract negotiations. By way of example, such conditions may include, but are not limited to:
(a) Requiring the proposer to provide additional information or clarification concerning elements or parts of its proposal;
(b) Requiring the proposer to develop and submit additional information confirming the technical feasibility of the proposed project;
(c) Requiring the proposer to develop and submit additional information confirming that the proposed project complies with or can be brought into compliance with relevant local and state transportation plans, restrictions on property use, and environmental laws, or that the project and the applicable plans, restrictions and environmental laws can otherwise be brought into conformity;
(d) Requiring the proposer to commit in writing to the department to undertake good faith efforts to modify or adjust the proposal in specific ways, or to incorporate steps, characteristics or features that the department identifies as necessary or desirable to enhance the feasibility, public acceptance, transportation efficiency, or economy in execution or operation, of the project;
(e) Otherwise requiring the proposer to develop and present revisions to, or alternatives within, the proposal that will permit the department to obtain best value based on the requirements and evaluation criteria set forth in the notice or request for proposals and based on knowledge obtained by the department by virtue of its review and evaluation of the proposals; and
(f) Requiring the proposer to enter into an interim agreement, on terms satisfactory to the proposer and the state, under which the proposer will provide services to the department in connection with the development of the proposal or further development of the project, including assistance to the department in obtaining any necessary regulatory approvals.
(2) The evaluation panel will report its assessments and recommendations to the commission.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.29.030. WSR 07-04-095, § 468-600-350, filed 2/6/07, effective 3/9/07.]