PDFWAC 468-600-700

General preconditions for entering into agreements.

The following are preconditions of any agreement that will be entered into between the state and a private sector partner:
(1) The department must seek to adopt contracting techniques that represent the best practices in use by owners of facilities;
(2) To the extent permitted by law, protection must be provided for local contractors to participate in any subcontracting opportunities on projects;
(3) Projects that use tolling technology must maintain standards that are consistent with any standards adopted or widely used by the state;
(4) Provision must be made for patrolling and law enforcement on state-owned transportation facilities, as approved by the Washington state patrol for facilities within their jurisdiction;
(5) Any debt to be issued to pay for the construction of a state-owned transportation facility that is secured by public funds must conform to RCW 47.29.060, or if not in conformance, any agreements reached must be conditioned upon obtaining necessary legislative approval of alternative financing provisions;
(6) The public involvement plan must provide that all forums, workshops, open houses or public meetings be administered and attended by the public sector partner; and
(7) Any project with a capital cost in excess of three hundred million dollars must establish an advisory committee, consisting of at least five but not more than nine members, who shall be appointed by the commission.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.29.030. WSR 07-04-095, § 468-600-700, filed 2/6/07, effective 3/9/07.]