PDFWAC 478-116-111

Permit required for all motorized vehicles parked on campus.

Except as provided in WAC 478-116-112 and 478-116-155, no person shall park or leave any motorized vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon the campus unless the person first purchases a valid permit from transportation services or a transportation services permit-issuance machine. Permission to park on campus shall be shown by display of a valid permit in accordance with WAC 478-116-122.
(1) A valid permit is:
(a) A current, physical vehicle permit issued by an authorized agent or permit-issuance machine or system designated by transportation services and displayed in accordance with WAC 478-116-122;
(b) A temporary physical permit issued by an authorized agent or permit-issuance machine designated by transportation services. Temporary permits are valid through the date or time of the permit; or
(c) A virtual permit that is stored within a permit-issuance machine or system for designated spaces. Virtual permits are valid for a specific space through the date or time stored in the machine or system and if applicable, listed on the customer receipt.
(2) Parking permits are not transferable, except as provided in WAC 478-116-114.
(3) Transportation services reserves the right to refuse to issue parking permits.
(4) The university may allow persons without permits to drive through the campus without parking.
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