PDFWAC 478-116-325

Motor vehicle violation types by category.

The following offense categories and applicable violations of the rules listed below is hereby established.
Offense Category
Applicable Violations
Permit not registered to vehicle, see WAC 478-116-114;
Parking outside of area assigned by permit, see WAC 478-116-114;
Improper display of permit, see WAC 478-116-122.
No valid permit displayed, no valid permit for space or parking without making payment, see WAC 478-116-111, 478-116-112, and 478-116-155;
Occupying more than one space, see WAC 478-116-135;
Parking at expired meter, see WAC 478-116-155;
Overtime parking, see WAC 478-116-175;
All other violations of this chapter.
Obstructing traffic or pedestrian movements, see WAC 478-116-135;
Parking in restricted, prohibited, or nonparking areas, see WAC 478-116-135, 478-116-191, 478-116-193, and 478-116-197.
Disability/wheelchair space violations, see WAC 478-116-195;
Use of revoked, stolen, forged, or altered parking products, see WAC 478-116-321.
Late Payment Fee
Penalty for failure to pay fine, respond, or comply with final decision of the citation hearing office within time limits, see WAC 478-116-301.
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