PDFWAC 478-138-020

Use of university stadium boat moorage facilities—Objectives.

The objectives of these regulations are to:
(1) Provide water access for persons attending University of Washington home football games or other special events as determined by the university, for which use of the stadium boat moorage facilities is designated;
(2) Control the use of the stadium boat moorage facilities in order to provide reasonable safety for both persons and boats or other craft using the facility;
(3) Provide for the collection of stadium boat moorage fees in support of the cost of maintaining and operating the stadium boat moorage facilities;
(4) Provide access at all times for emergency equipment.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.20.130. WSR 92-14-060, § 478-138-020, filed 6/26/92, effective 7/27/92; Order, § 478-138-020, filed 7/2/73 and 7/27/73.]