PDFWAC 478-324-150

Additional definitions.

(1) "Final action" means the university's decision to proceed or not proceed with a proposal and is so defined in compliance with public notice requirements, RCW 43.21C.080. For proposals involving a series of decision points, the final action shall be clearly identified in the environmental checklist and/or EIS. The point at which the final action is made during the planning process may vary depending upon the nature of the proposal, but at no time shall the final action occur before fourteen days following issuance of a DNS or seven days following issuance of an FEIS.
(2) "SEPA mailing list" means a current list maintained at the capital planning and development office at the university of all individuals, groups, and agencies who have communicated to the university their interest in SEPA policies, procedures, and documents. This list shall include the city-university community advisory committee and all community organizations represented on the committee, including those with alternative representation.
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