PDFWAC 478-324-200

Determining the lead agency.

(1) Except as otherwise specially provided herein, the university shall serve as the lead agency for all proposals.
(2) When the total proposal will involve both private and university construction activity, it shall be characterized as either a private or a university project for the purposes of lead agency designation, depending upon whether the primary sponsor or initiator of the project is the university or a private party. Any project in which university and private interests are too intertwined to make this characterization shall be considered a university project.
(3) The university's responsibilities as lead agency include complying with the threshold determination procedures; the initiation and administration of the scoping process; the supervision or actual preparation of draft EISs, including the circulation of such statements, the conduct of any public hearings or public meetings required by these rules; and the supervision or preparation of required final EISs and supplemental EISs.
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