PDFWAC 478-324-220

SEPA policy rule and substantive authority.

In order to carry out the policy of the State Environmental Policy Act, the University of Washington or its agents shall use all practical means, consistent with other essential considerations of state and university policy, to improve and coordinate plans, functions, programs, and resources to the end that the state and its citizens may:
(1) Fulfill the responsibilities of each generation as trustee of the environment for succeeding generations;
(2) Assure for all people of Washington safe, healthful, productive, and esthetically and culturally pleasing surroundings;
(3) Attain the widest range of beneficial uses of the environment without degradation, risk to health or safety, or other undesirable and unintended consequences;
(4) Preserve important historic, cultural, and natural aspects of our national heritage;
(5) Maintain, wherever possible, an environment which supports diversity and variety of individual choice;
(6) Achieve a balance between population and resource use which will permit high standards of living and a wide sharing of life's amenities; and
(7) Enhance the quality of renewable resources and approach the maximum attainable recycling of depletable resources.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120 and WAC 197-11-904. WSR 84-20-074 (Order), § 478-324-220, filed 10/2/84.]