PDFWAC 484-10-035

Veterans affairs advisory committee.

Rules of operation.
(1) The committee shall have the following powers and duties:
(a) To serve in an advisory capacity to the governor and the director on all matters pertaining to the department of veterans affairs;
(b) To acquaint themselves fully with the operations of the department and recommend such changes to the governor and the director as they deem advisable.
(2) The department of veterans affairs, and its director, shall fully recognize the advisory committee, as established under RCW 43.60A.080.
(3) The committee chair shall, following annual elections but before September, confer with the director to set the number of, and schedule for, authorized meetings during the following twelve months.
(4) A quorum must be present prior to the transaction of official committee business. A quorum for the committee shall be construed to be a simple majority of the committee members authorized in RCW 43.60A.080.
(5) The order of business will be according to Robert's Rules of Order as revised, and the usual order of business shall be as follows:
(a) Pledge of Allegiance;
(b) Roll call;
(c) Reading and approval of minutes;
(d) Reading of official and other communications;
(e) Audience introductions;
(f) Report from the director or his/her designee;
(g) Report of committees;
(h) Old business;
(i) New business;
(j) Agenda set for next meeting;
(k) Time and place for next meeting;
(l) Adjournment (by majority vote of members present).
(6) Summary minutes shall be kept of all of the committee proceedings and a complete copy will be provided to each member of the committee and the director within fourteen calendar days of adjournment. When requested to do so by the committee, the director shall present a copy of the minutes to the governor.
(7) Each member of the committee is expected to actively participate in and attend all meetings of the committee. The name of any committee member who has three consecutive unexcused absences from regularly scheduled meetings will be automatically forwarded to the governor's office with a request that a replacement be named to the committee. A copy of the replacement request will be forwarded to the appropriate veterans organization department commander.
(8) The chairperson shall notify, in writing, any member having three consecutive unexcused absences that a recommendation is being forwarded to the governor.
(9) A member will receive an excused absence at the discretion of the chairperson or director.
(10) The director, or his/her designee, and such members of the department staff as the director selects, shall meet with the committee on a regular basis.
(11) The committee will annually review the quality and range of services performed by the department.
(12) Annually, the committee shall designate one of its meetings as a joint meeting with the commanders and service officers of all veterans organizations nationally recognized by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs.
(13) During June of each year, there shall be an election of the chairperson and vice chairperson for the coming year. New officers shall take office in September. Those elected will serve for one year and be limited to one term in succession.
(14) All meetings and events relating to the advisory committee shall be accessible to all members and guests.
(15) The chairperson may appoint special committees consisting of not less than two members when necessary to make special inquiries, reports, and investigations.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.60A.070. WSR 92-17-045, § 484-10-035, filed 8/14/92, effective 9/14/92; Order 7659, § 484-10-035, filed 7/28/77.]