PDFWAC 484-30-005

Description and purpose of services.

The department may establish and maintain offices within the state to afford services to veterans and their beneficiaries. Within limitations imposed by budgetary considerations, these offices shall maintain services and training including, but not limited to:
(1) Claims service. This service will primarily be in providing forms, and assistance in preparing them, for eligible veterans and their beneficiaries, in claims against the federal government under Title 38, United States Code. However, assistance may also be rendered in assisting any eligible veteran or beneficiary in preparing and presenting a claim against any agency, private or public, which has to do with a right, of a veteran or his beneficiary, which is based upon service in the military service of the United States of America.
(2) Referral service. This service shall consist of referral of the veteran or beneficiary to a resource which may have the capability of affording supplementary or discrete benefits to those for which a veteran or beneficiary may be eligible as a result of military service. Such referrals would include, but not be limited to:
(a) Social Security or Supplementary Security Income offices.
(b) Employment and employment training resource facilities, public and private.
(c) Public assistance.
(d) Vocational rehabilitation sources, public and private.
(e) Alcohol and drug related assistance.
(f) Mental health facilities.
(3) Outreach services. These services shall include claims and referral services, but are provided at outreach locations, on a regular basis, from the established veterans service office.
(4) Representation at veterans administration regional office. This shall consist of the maintenance of personnel at the veterans administration regional office in Seattle, to represent eligible veterans and their beneficiaries before VA rating and appeal boards, or other VA administrative bodies, when such can be done through a power of attorney granted by the veteran or beneficiary.
[Order 7659, § 484-30-005, filed 7/28/77.]