PDFWAC 495C-116-030


The definitions set forth in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Board" means the board of trustees of Clover Park Technical College.
(2) "Campus" means all lands and buildings devoted to, operated by, or maintained by Clover Park Technical College.
(3) "Campus security officer" means an employee of the college who is responsible for campus traffic control, parking, security, and safety.
(4) "College" means Clover Park Technical College.
(5) "Safety and security supervisor" means the college's safety and security supervisor.
(6) "Employee" means an individual appointed to the staff or administration of the college.
(7) "Guests or visitors" mean persons who come upon the campus as guests or persons who lawfully visit the campus.
(8) "Continuing permits" mean permits issued to full-time employees for an indefinite period of time.
(9) "Annual permits" mean permits that are valid from the date of issue until the first day of the following fall quarter.
(10) "Temporary permits" mean permits that are valid for a specific period designated on the permit.
(11) "Vehicle" means an automobile, truck, motor-driven cycle, scooter, or any vehicle otherwise powered.
(12) "Student" means any person enrolled in a program at the college.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140, 42.30.075 and 1991 c 238. WSR 92-19-131, § 495C-116-030, filed 9/22/92, effective 10/23/92.]