PDFWAC 504-41-015


(1) "Borrow" means any action to obtain authorization to use the materials for a period of minutes, hours, or days. Materials on reserve or which are otherwise restricted in use to a library's premises are considered borrowed if the individual user is required to register to access the materials.
(2) "Classification" means an individual's official relationship with the university which may include, but is not limited to faculty, associate, staff, graduate student, undergraduate student, or community member.
(3) "Dean" means the administrator appointed by the university president or board of regents as the chief executive of the WSU library system.
(4) "Library" means the WSU libraries generally.
(5) "Materials" means any library document or item which the library allows patrons to borrow or access, including those accessed electronically.
(6) "Proxy" means an individual authorized to function or act as a substitute borrower for a specific faculty member, staff member, or other patron.
(7) "Recall" means an instruction to return material to the library facility or location from which it was removed or borrowed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 11-23-136, § 504-41-015, filed 11/22/11, effective 12/23/11.]