PDFWAC 504-41-025

Use of library materials.

(1) The dean adopts a schedule of borrowing periods for materials. The periods are established based on the type of materials, the classification of borrower, and the borrower's history, if any, of violations of library policies.
(2) The university may adopt a policy which establishes a system for specified users to borrow by proxy. Proxy borrowing may be limited by the borrower's classification or other factor as designated by the dean. The borrower who authorizes a proxy remains responsible for materials borrowed by the authorized proxy.
(3) The university may establish policies to restrict the use of materials to a designated location and/or to handling standards that may assist in the preservation of the materials and effective allocation of library resources.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 11-23-136, § 504-41-025, filed 11/22/11, effective 12/23/11.]