Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 132F-112 WAC
Last Update: 1/6/15

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WAC Sections
132F-112-006Request for election—Canvass of academic employees by independent and neutral person or association.
132F-112-009Notice of election—Organizations to be included on ballot—Time for filing.
132F-112-012Contents of notice of election—Designation of chief election officer—Duties.
132F-112-015List of academic employees—Posting of list.
132F-112-018Election inspectors—Duties—Right to challenge voter—Improper conduct.
132F-112-024Record of vote—Signature—Challenge.
132F-112-027Incorrectly marked ballot.
132F-112-030Privacy for voter—Equipment.
132F-112-033Folding ballot—Ballot box.
132F-112-036Challenged ballot—Procedure.
132F-112-039Employees present entitled to vote—Sealing ballot box—Unused ballots.
132F-112-042Election inspectors' duties after voting has terminated.
132F-112-045Disposition of challenged ballots—Tally sheets—Investigation by chief election officer.
132F-112-048Counting of ballots—Procedure—Certification of results of election—Retention of ballots—Signed voting lists.
132F-112-051Electioneering within the polls forbidden.
132F-112-054Contest of election—Time for filing objections—Investigation of objections.
132F-112-057Persons eligible to vote—Definition of "academic employee."
132F-112-060Election determined by majority of valid votes cast—Runoff election.
132F-112-063Time lapse for new election.