Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 132K-116 WAC
Last Update: 7/11/86

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WAC Sections
132K-116-015Objectives of traffic rules and regulations.
132K-116-020Applicable traffic rules and regulations—Areas affected.
132K-116-025Permits required for vehicles on campus.
132K-116-030Tourists and visitors—Exemption from permit requirements.
132K-116-035Restrictions on use of vehicles with permits.
132K-116-045Regulatory signs and directions.
132K-116-050Pedestrians—Right of way.
132K-116-055Parking—Permits required.
132K-116-060Parking within designated spaces.
132K-116-065Disabled and inoperative or abandoned vehicles—Impounding.
132K-116-070Special traffic and parking regulations and restrictions authorized.
132K-116-075Authorization for issuance of permits.
132K-116-080Numbering of parking areas.
132K-116-085Allocation of parking space.
132K-116-090Visitors and guests.
132K-116-095Permit revocations.
132K-116-100Duplicate permits for faculty, staff, and student personnel.
132K-116-105Faculty and staff permit periods.
132K-116-110Fees for permits.
132K-116-115Annual parking fee payment.
132K-116-120Display of permits.
132K-116-125Responsibility of person to whom permit is issued.
132K-116-130Refund of fees.
132K-116-135Procedure—Issuance of summons or traffic tickets.
132K-116-140Grievance proceedings—Bond for appearance—Date of hearing.
132K-116-145Fines and penalties.
132K-116-150Mitigation and suspension of penalties.
132K-116-155Enforcement of determination of the parking committee.
132K-116-160Regulatory signs, markings, barricades, etc.
132K-116-165Impounding of vehicles.
132K-116-170Delegation of authority.
132K-116-175Liability of college.