Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 132W-115 WAC
Last Update: 2/17/21

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WAC Sections
132W-115-010Purpose of the disciplinary system.
132W-115-020Jurisdiction and authority for student discipline.
132W-115-030Violations of law and college regulations.
132W-115-040Student participation.
132W-115-050Demand for identification.
132W-115-060Free movement on campus.
132W-115-070Standards of classroom behavior.
132W-115-080Code of conduct.
132W-115-090Civil disturbances.
132W-115-100Disciplinary process.
132W-115-110Procedures for resolving disciplinary violations.
132W-115-120The academic regulations committee (ARC) and serious disciplinary violations.
132W-115-130Procedural guidelines for hearings involving serious disciplinary violations.
132W-115-140Disciplinary terms.
132W-115-150Loss of eligibility in college activities and athletics.
132W-115-160Student groups and organizations.
132W-115-180Transcript notations.
132W-115-190Refunds and access.
132W-115-200Readmission after suspension or dismissal.
132W-115-210Reestablishment of academic standing.
132W-115-220Reporting, recording and maintaining records.