Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 173-430 WAC
Last Update: 4/12/19

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WAC Sections
173-430-010Purpose of the regulation.
173-430-020General applicability and conditions.
173-430-030Definition of terms.
173-430-040Agricultural burning requirements.
173-430-041Agricultural burning fees.
173-430-042Adjusting agricultural burning fees.
173-430-044Additional requirements for burning field or turf grasses grown for seed.
173-430-045Alternatives to burning field or turf grasses grown for seed.
173-430-050Best management practices.
173-430-060Research into alternatives to agricultural burning.
173-430-070General agricultural burning permit conditions and criteria.
173-430-080Responsibilities of a permitting authority.
173-430-090Receiving delegation—Counties, conservation districts, and fire protection agencies.