Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 208-08 WAC
Last Update: 7/25/17

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WAC Sections
208-08-010Application of this chapter.
208-08-020Adoption of rules of procedure.
208-08-025Electronic service.
208-08-030Appearance and practice before the department.
208-08-040Notice of appearance or withdrawal.
208-08-050Requests for adjudicative hearing.
208-08-053Submission of answer to department.
208-08-055Authority of administrative law judge.
208-08-070Production of documents to parties.
208-08-080Depositions upon oral examination.
208-08-083Authentication of evidence.
208-08-085Validity of unsworn declaration.
208-08-090Submission on stipulated facts.
208-08-100Consolidation of proceedings.
208-08-110Prehearing conferences.
208-08-120Informal settlements.
208-08-130Prehearing and posthearing memoranda.
208-08-140Transcript of proceedings.
208-08-150Amending initiating document.
208-08-160Interlocutory decision—Discretionary review.
208-08-170Administrative hearings—Divisions of banks and credit unions with enforcement jurisdiction.